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Cute Teenager Has Her First Outdoor Orgasm

I first met Jayda a week after her 18th birthday and we’ve been friends ever since. During this time, I’ve filmed her having at least 20 orgasms and every time, she responds pretty much the same. Jayda is a “quiet cummer” but if you watch closely, you can see her breathing change as she gets close to her peak and as she cums her breathing gets real shallow,  her toes curl, her stomach muscles tighten, her muffy squeezes in rapid succession as she quivers in a short but intense orgasm. Jayda often giggles after having an orgasm and her clitoris is so sensitive that she doesn’t yearn for you touching it after she cums. You can see more of Jayda by visiting Glass Mannequin and checking out her real orgasm scenes.

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New Outdoor Amateur Masturbation Pics

JaydaGarcia amateur teen Latina outdoor masturbation fm gnd plts tits booty eighteenCall me strange but as I look out my window at the snow today, I decided to edit an outdoor amateur porno photo shoot for the web site. Jayda Garcia and I were on a road trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado last June and we camped near Rabbit Ears Pass outside of Steamboat Springs. I slept late and when I awoke, Jayda was not in the tent so I went looking for her – lucky for me, I always carry my camera in the woods and when I found Jayda, she was perched on a rock in the morning sun stuffing a huge green toy in her tight teenager beaver. I got off a few images of her fucking herself with the toy before she realized I was there. When she saw me, she smiled and continued to masturbate with the green sex sex-toy. Jayda had done a number of pron shoots for me and was not the least bit shy about spreading her teenager beaver so I could get a few closeups of her sweet teenager pussy. After her first orgasm, she set the toy down and continued to finger her swollen clitoris. Kicking her legs in the air and curling her toes, she moaned as she reached her second climax.

I’ll have all of Jayda’s green sex sex-toy pictures posted on within a day or two.

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Sexy Cunt-muncher Ass – Angelina And Hannah

Angelina has the best round ass of any chick I’ve ever seen – and watching her big lesbo ass pumped up in the air as her girlfriend, Hannah, fucks her with a dildo is priceless. You can tell that the the teens know each other well from the way they are getting it on. Honestly – these teens like fucking and it shows. You can see the entire video of these girls fucking at the Glass Mannequin.

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Stuffed Pink Cooder

Glass Mannequin Girl Anistaija loves sex so much that she’s always finding time to stuff something deep into her pink little teen age beaver. In this video clip, Anistaija is playing with a blue vibrating toy that she manages to borrow from our collection of sex toys. But enough about the toy, what we long for to hear about is how tight and wet her little shaved beaver is. Well, it wasn’t my pecker in her cunt so I can’t tell you for sure but from watching this short clip of this skinny petite teenager masturbating, I can tell you that she likes to have her pink beaver filled with fat toys – and I would imagine that sh likes a fat pecker too.

sfm amateur teen shaved landingstrip anistaija plts pierced eighteen forgasm gnd

Anistaija Stuffs her Pink teen Pussy

But Anistaija likes to have her clit stimulated and lucky for us, she’s willing to rub the sextoy on her swollen clit, bringing herself to orgasm. If you watch closely you can see her little cunt and asshole squeezing tight as she climaxes. Visit Glass Mannequin today to see Anistaija spunk.

dildo sfm forgasm plts pierced teen amateur masturbation

Anistaija Rubbing Her swollen Clit

See over 30 shoots and photo sets of this hot 18 year old – only on Glass Mannequin.


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Solo Masturbation

Anistaija had only done a few undressed photo sets when she did this solo masturbation video clip for Glass Mannequin. Although the Colorado native had little experience with dildos, she managed to stuff this blue dildo deep in her teenager pussy, letting the vibrating end of the double-ended dildo gently rub on her fat clitoris as the main shaft penetrated her puffy vagina. Anistaija has more sexual energy than most teens and it shows in her shoots and pics.

anistaija sfm amateur teen blonde dildo pufm

Anistaija Stuffs A Blue vibrator In Her Shaved teenager Cunt

If you like hard-bodied teens with shaved beavers and pierced nipples, then you should check out all the pics of Anistaija on Glass Mannequin today.

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Teenager Lesbo Teens Play With Dildos

Redhead LadyLez and brunette ThenaSky teen amateur porn models dildo gfm plts gnd

When I asked Lady Lex and Thena Sky if they wanted to make an amateur smut together, they both jumped at the offer. Lady had been waiting to get hold of the firm-bodied Thena and now she was going to get to fuck her on camera. On the day of the filming, Lady selected a couple of dildos from my sex-sextoy collection as I set up the lights. As soon as I was ready, the teens moved to the bedroom and started making out. It wasn’t long until they were kissing and feeling each other’s firm teenager bodies. I tried to concentrate on taking pics but it was impossible not to get an penis – as the teens worked the sextoy’s in and out of their wet pussies.

Watching Thena’s perky little titties and Lady’s full natural breasts, I could not help but to dream what it would be like to ram my hard boner into their wet pussies – my mind wandered and I imagined that it was my boner in Thena’s tight teenager cunt. I had no idea that with a few days, I would get the chance to feel my boner in her tight wet muffin.

Back to the set of these two bi-sexual teenager teens… Thena and Lady had a unsurpassed time testing testing out my collection of sex toys. Lady worked Thena’s tight cunt with the pink sextoy until she had her squirming and cumming in waves. Thena then returned the favor…. and all I could do was take pics. If you like teenager muffin half as much as I do, you should check out all the pics here.

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Latina Outlaw Booty

There are a few things to be expected that you would see in in a Tipi, Jayda Garcia’s letter-perfect booty usually not being one of them. This fiery Mexican Girl makes quite the outlaw wielding a dagger and twin revolvers as Jayda shows off her tight coed snatch. Jayda loves attention and always seems to take pleasure in showing off that dainty coed snatch for the viewers at place. It is always a treat to see Jayda’s cute coed ass, whether  she is holding a old western pistol or a 8″ vibrator.

jayda-garcia bald pussy booty

This coed cunt is armed to the teeth

Jayda puts down her pistols to show off the real weapon, her tight Mexican Girl coed snatch.  This little tease knows exactly how she likes to be fucked, the occasional tight snatch is nice but she never sways away from her sex toys. For a freaky eighteen year old fuck like this it is a wonder how she could ever be satisfied enough to take a break, but for those times she needs attention Glass Mannequin is always there.

jayga-garcia teen pussy latina

Sweet snatch wearing moccasins, what more could you ask for?

To see more of Jayda visit Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin. Membership to all three websites is covered by ONE low monthly fee and the tour on the sites are free, but to see the good stuff you need a membership you will not regret.

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Anistaija Stuffs A Red Toy In Her Shaved Coed Coochie

Anistaija was still very new to smut when she shot this solo masturbation clip but she was having so much fun with the vibrating red sex-toy that she totally forgot that the camera was there. Bending her legs behind her head, this skinny teenager with the immaculate rack and pierced nipples stuffed the red sex-toy deep inside her wet little cunt. The vibrating tip stimulated her clitoris as the sex-toy filled her wet twat to it’s limits.

anistaija skinny teen pierced amateur shaved landingstrip gnd dildo sfm plts

Anistaija Masturbates With A red Dildo

Anistaija can be seen on all three of our sites, Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister. Her images are all 100 percent exclusive  and she loves to fuck herself for the camera.

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Real Colorado Girl – Phoenix Fernandez Masturbates

Phoenix Fernandez is a local Latina coed that was just a bit curious about one of the sex toys I had lying around the pad so when she kept teasing me about trying it out, I agreed – on one condition – that she do her first smut shoot while testing the new sex vibrator. This 18-year old hot young mom was very nervous about getting unclad in front of the camera but she soon relaxed and was fucking herself like she was all alone. Her whopping natural tits and her clean shaved cooder were bared for the first time for the world to see.  If you ask me, Phoenix should go all out in smut but who knows – this local amateur coed may be too shy to be a smut star. So enjoy her smut audition and to see more, please visit Real Colorado Girls and see phoenix and her amateur friends fucking and sucking on camera for the first time.

Phoenix Fernandez Porn Audition

Phoenix Fernandez smut Audition

Phoenix started out slow but was soon stuffing a glass dildo deep in her shaved teenager cunt as she worked her puffy clit with the vibrating egg. To see her entire smut audition visit Real Colorado Girls

Teen Amateur Phoenix Fucking herself phoenixfernandez dildo sfm latina brunette gnd bnts hym milf 1tm

Teen Amateur Phoenix Fucking herself

Eighteen year old Phoenix Fernandez auditions – Real Colorado Girls

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Cunt Luvin Lesbos

Naughty Little Hannah stopped by with her girlfriend Angelina and the two were commenting that they had known each other forever but had never fucked each other so I decided to give the two sweethearts a chance do do a little lesbo cunt devouring on camera. Grabbing a clip camera and a few vibrating dildos, we headed to the bedroom, let the coeds pick their dildos from my sex sex-toy collection and told them to have fun – and have fun they did! To tell the truth, I had always wanted to see Angelina’s sweet shave swollen-pussy and her oversized apple booty on camera and my wish was suddenly coming true. I posted a few muffy pictures here but to see errant Little Hannah totally abuse her babe friend’s pussy, you should check out the members area at Glass Mannequin.  Do it today and I’ll throw in a free pass to Real Colorado Girls so you can see more of these perverted teens making lesbo sex look like an evertday sport.

NaughtyLittleHannah Gives Angelina Some Girl-on-Girl Cunt-Luvin lesbian teen boty pufp gnd gfm hym lcm 1tm brunette teen shaved dildo

Naughty Little Hannah Gives Angelina Some babe-on-babe Cunt-Luvin

Now remember, I wasn’t the one who picked out the dildos for these sluts but I wasn’t surprised to see then both pick out little little vibrating dildos – they said they liked the way the little dildos vibrated in their coochies and on their fat little clits. errant Little Hannah started right in on Angelina and within a few minutes Angelina was quivering at the edge of orgasm. But being the tease that Hannah is, she made her babe wait a bit longer – having her get on her hands and knees and putting her round white booty in the air for us all to see. All the time rubbing the little vibrating toy on her clit untill she reached her climax.

Angelina's Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Angelina’s Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Hannah then pulled out this monstrous sized double-ended toy and started getting it a little wet before she stuffed the thing deep in Angelina’s tight little vagina – at least her muffy was tight before that good-sized toy violated her warm wet paradise. But Little Hannah knew what she wanted to so soon the coeds were scissoring on the bed with a good-sized rubber double-ended toy fucking them both.  The clip in the member’s area at Glass Mannequin shows  exactly how much of this monstrous toy that these coeds can make disappear – check it out!

Naughty Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

Naughty Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

Of course, filling a cunt isn’t all there is to proper cunt luvin – taking care of a babe;’s clit is just as important and errant Little Hannah knew this well. As soon as she stuffed the toy in her friends cunt, she went right to work on her clit – and at last, Angelina cried out in ecstasy as intense waves of pleasure rolled over her firm teenager body. There was no faking her orgasm – it was real and it was intense.  See both coeds cream in the members area.

Now That's What I call Taking Care Of Your Girl

Now That’s What I call Taking Care Of Your Girl

Of course – you don’t have to trust me – you can see Angelina and Hannah for your selves – just sign up today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two exclusive amateur sitesReal Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister – all for no extra fee  – see you there.

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